Nana Hedin

Nana Hedin, aka “The Voice,” is a vocalist and artist whose signature sound has helped bring to life some of the greatest hits around the world. A regular contributor at Cherion Studio, her powerful vocals can be recognized in many of the biggest hits by celebrated Swedish artists—such as Ace of Base, Stakka Bo, Dr. Alban, and others—which are based on choruses that, in melody and sound, are personified by her voice. She is also famously known as the singular voice in most of E-Types songs, including the hit single “Set the world on Fire.” Over the course of her career, Nana has even backed up artists like Celine Dion and Britney Spears, including on Britney’s debut single “Baby One More Time.”

In 2018, Nana was awarded the Denniz Pop Awards Most Valuable Person prize in recognition of her behind-the-scenes contributions helping to form the classic Cherion sound and forge the legacy of the “Swedish Music Wonder.”

“Without Nana, the Cherion sound wouldn’t have sounded like it did,” says Jake Schulze, jury chairman and initiator of the Denniz Pop Awards. “She’s been an invaluable part of the Cherion story and deserves this prize more than anyone else.”

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