Previous Winners

We proudly present the Denniz Pop Award winners of past years. These are the talents, heroes, and successes from on stage and behind the scenes whose collective work and creativity is helping carry on the legacy of Denniz Pop and the Swedish music miracle.

Ludwig Göransson
The Grand Prize 2018

Nana Hedin
The MVP 2018

Ellen Krauss
Rookie Artist/Band 2018

Rookie Songwriter/Producer 2018

SHY Martin & SHY Nodi
The Grand Prize 2017

Björn Engelmann
The MVP 2017

Flat Earth Society
Rookie Artist/Band 2017

Agrin Rahmani
Rookie Songwriter/Producer 2017

Mattman & Robin
The Grand Prize 2016

Marie Dimberg
The MVP 2016

Alessandra Günthardt
Rookie Artist/Band 2016

Linnea, Emanuel and Iman
Rookie Songwriter/Producer 2016

Wolf Cousins
The Grand Prize 2015

Klas Lunding
The MVP 2015

Smith & Thell
Rookie Artist/Band 2015

Anton & Julia
Rookie Songwriter/Producer 2015

The Grand Prize 2014

The MVP 2014

Tove Lo
Rookie Artist/Band 2014

Salvatore Ganacci
Rookie Songwriter/Producer 2014

Swedish House Mafia
The Grand Prize 2013

Eric Hasselqvist
The MVP 2013

Saturday, monday feat. Julia Spada
Rookie Artist/Band 2013

Albin & Christoffer
Rookie Songwriter/Producer 2013

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